A local man will be spending 18 years in prison after being sentenced in Kennebec County Superior Court Monday.

Kristopher Russ, of Augusta, was arrested last March and pled guilty to robbing and beating 80-year-old James Young who was struck with a cast iron pan multiple times after he walked in on Russ breaking into his Pike Street home. Russ ran off with cash, Young's wallet and checkbook.

According to WCSH 6, the sentencing came after the family read emotional testimony. Young's daughter Tracie Carolin said. "My dad has had a terrible year recuperating from this trauma, he doesn't sleep for fear that Kristopher Russ is going to come back and get him".

Young feels that the 18 year jail sentence was fair. "I will be 98 when he gets out, so I'm happy" Young said.


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