The Paul J. Schupf Art Center is scheduled to open tomorrow, Saturday, December 17th in Waterville. This is something that the entire community and state of Maine has been thoroughly excited for.

According to Central Maine, this $18 million dollar project is finally ready to open to the public. It is 30,000 square feet and located at 93 Main Street in Waterville. This project was developed by Colby College and Waterville Creates as the article states.

This is unique and is going to bring the community together this creativity and art. It will offer visual, performing arts, and three cinemas! This building is next to the Waterville Opera House. 

This art center is named after Paul J Schupf. He was an art collector and benefactor of Colby. He lived in New York and passed in 2019 at age 82 as the article states.

I recently was able to see the outside of this immaculate building and what I noticed was how unique the glassed-in spaces were. As you walk by and see the ground floor you immediately can feel the modern and contemporary touch they've added. The architecture is pristine and flawless. This building as has a very welcoming and colorful feel.

This center will also offer a clay studio. The point is to share art to families of Waterville and beyond. You can rent out the theatres for parties and events. There are ultimate mural and you can see a rendering of what the building will look like when you arrive tomorrow right here!

Not only will this incredible center have theatres and performing arts but also a café/lounge, concession stand, murals by talented artists, and a rehearsal studio, as the article states.

Studio 1902, a flexible space designed to be rehearsal space for the Opera House, also is on the second level and is sized to the main Opera House stage. The studio will include a mirror and bar along the wall and a “sprung” floor for dance and theatrical productions.

Central Maine

What an incredible addition and gigantic main attraction for downtown Waterville. The arts are vital and because of this center are going viral within the community! This will help to bring creativity to all art lovers and learners throughout the entire state of Maine!

The opening of the Paul J. Schupf Art Center is tomorrow. For more information visit their Website or Facebook Page!

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