September is Chiari Awareness month.  Each day, I am going to share one person's their own words.  Chiari malformation is a condition where your brain herniates below the base of your skull, compressing the brain stem and spine.  The symptoms are unbearable, at best, and there is no cure...

Meet Misty:

Hi my name is misty Beaudoin.

I have been suffering from chiari for almost 10 years. I had decompression surgery Nov 2 of 2016. It was supposed to help me with the pain and the pressure but it made me worse I can't work I can barely stand the pain I have two beautiful little girls a 10 yr old and 2 yr old. And a wonderful husband. I struggle every day to do normal task I can't stand to long or walk cause the pressure is so bad. I can't sit or I have pain throbbing the back of my head. I get migranes so bad all I do is cry. I see my neurologist and neurosurgeon all the time and there's nothing anyone can do for me. My depression has gotten so bad I just think bad things all the time. Thats my daily struggle with chiari. 
❤ misty.

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