As a dog lover, I'm always intrigued by the new additions by the AKC, or American Kennel Club. Some years they introduce breeds that are subtle in difference and other times the new additions to the club have a truly unique set of features.

For 2022, the AKC has granted full recognition to two new breeds. The "Mudi", pronounced as (moody), and the "Russian Toy".

The Mudi is of Hungarian decent, and according to the AKC website is a small herding breed that is not recommended for first time dog owners. Like most herding breeds, these little guys, or girls can be stubborn, and require a daily dose of mental and physical challenges. This breed is still quite rare with only about 450 currently registered in U.S.. They do sport a wavy coat and can come in a variety of colors and mixed colors, have floppy ears as a puppy but grow those into pick ears and have a natural stub tail.

The other new breed introduced for 2022 is the Russian Toy. At first glance you might mistake this petite breed as a Chihuahua. The Russian Toy also has two variations with one long, and one short coat. They are quite small indeed weighing in on average at about 6.5 pounds. Another rare breed in the U.S. with only about 775 registered here. According to the AKC website this breed does best in homes with no small children or larger dogs.

Here is a YouTube video by Good News that explains more about each of these new breeds.


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