You've heard me talk of driving with The Kid to get her necessary hours in for her driver's license exam.  It's excruciating for me to be a passenger,  let alone a passenger in my own vehicle with one of my children driving. Even though I'm now down to just the youngest of the four, I haven't gotten any better. In fact, I may have gotten worse. Thankfully for The Kid, she has older siblings qualified to take her out driving.  She still needs 17 hours of the 70 required of drive time before she can send for her license.  I would have falsified it by now if I were her (did I admit that?) but she has more scruples than I do apparently, or is she just content to have me drive her around?

the kid drives99

Despite the smile, this was not a bonding moment.

I remember when I was a teen growing up in Poland Spring, I couldn't wait to get my license-my ticket to freedom. Driver ed at 15 and,  as soon as I turned 16 I sent in for the exam.  There were no required hours of supervised driving that we needed to accrue. If we passed the test then we got the license.  Today's teens must have 70 hours of supervised driving with 10 of those being at night. It seems daunting.  Is this the reason so many millennials have no interest in obtaining their driver's license?

I've been hearing so many people talk about how their children in their late teens into late twenties don't have their licenses and have no interest. This, to me, seems unfathomable. Do they simply remain at home or worse, completely dependent upon their parents?  Do they rely on public transportation and if so clearly they don't live in rural areas. I can understand city dwellers with many options for transportation available but in Maine that is not the norm.  Are they so ensconced in their virtual relationships they no longer gather in the same place anymore.

This has me wondering...

Do you have your license and if so how old were you when you got your license?

Do your eligible children have their license and if not how are they getting around?





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