Over the last week, we have been hearing a lot about how Hurricane Lee could affect New England.  In fact, we were hearing about its potential impact on Maine even when it was still a tropical storm.

Now, it looks like most of the State of Maine is in the storm's crosshairs.

According to WMTW, as of early Tuesday morning, the storm was considered to be a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour.  The article goes on to explain that Hurricane Lee was about 575 miles south of Bermuda.  At that time, the storm was cruising northwest at about 7 miles per hour.

As of Tuesday morning, the storm's forecast cone is right over the majority of the State of Maine.  What does this mean?

The article explains that:

The cone where forecasters believe the center of the storm may end up. The chance of the storm being in that area is 66%, based on track error over the last 5 years.

As it churns north, the storm is expected to loose strength.  Eventually, it will weaken to a Category 1 hurricane before becoming a tropical storm.

Of course, the storm is still a few days out, so the plot could change.  Or, it could weaken so much that it is nothing more than a nuisance.  We'll really have to wait and see.

Regardless, we will likely see higher than normal wind and surf.  This will be especially true on the coast.


What should we do to prepare for the hurricane?

At this point, just take reasonable precautions.

You are probably going to want to make sure lighter, loose objects in your yard are secured.  Kid's toys, etc.


Make sure your devices are charged, for example.  You are also going to want to make sure you have a wind-up radio or batteries for a radio that uses them.

And, of course, you are going to want to make sure you have some extra food and bottled water on hand.


As we get more details, we will definitely pass them along.

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