A few months back I remember putting together the list of the 20 least populated towns in the state, and wondering where in Maine most of these actually are.

This is not an issue when it comes to the polar opposite of that list: the 20 most populated towns. The list is a "Who's Who" of towns that most of us either visit regularly, work in, live in, or certainly know of.

Even with these being well-known towns, this list still shows us some very interesting trends happening in the state.

It's no surprise to see towns like Scarborough, Gorham, Falmouth, and other Portland suburbs climbing rapidly up on the list. These towns have taken advantage of the Southern Maine housing boom and high quality of life. Some of these towns even showed up on our list of the fastest growing towns in Maine.

Another theme is the number of old mill towns that are seemingly holding their own, or even growing in population. Many of these towns have seen the increase due to revitalization and new housing projects.

While Southern Maine is represented heavily on this list, the north is unsurprisingly absent. The last representative to the north is Bangor, and I certainly don't want to get yelled at by the natives for calling that northern Maine. However, I don't think anyone will be complaining to see the majority of this state still being nice and sparse. Hey, it's how we Mainers like it.

Did your hometown or favorite town make the list? You can find out below. The data used comes from the 2020 Census.

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