Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks, and this Mother’s Day will be a whole lot different than last year. This time last year, we in just getting deep into the pandemic, adjusting to being at home, navigating all the changes that were happening at this time last year.

A year ago, there was some hope that things might have been more ‘normal’ by Mother’s Day, but it did not work out that way. A year later, we have a greater understanding of the coronavirus; there is a vaccine, and over half of Americans who are eligible have had at least one shot.

So what are your plans for Mother’s Day 2021?

There still be some limits on what you can do. We will not see crowded restaurants like in years past you still can go out to eat. You can still have a fancy meal since just about every restaurant has take-out options. Even if they did not really do take out before COVID, most are doing it now. Gees, in Maine, some restaurants are even offering take-out ‘adult beverages’! It makes it easy to self-cater from your favorite eatery. If the weather cooperates, dining outside is always an option as many restaurants have upped their game outside. You can still get your Mother’s Day flowers, jewelry, or whatever gift you wish to shower Mom with this year. Depending on your situation, odds are you can do something face-to-face.  From what I can tell you can do just about anything you traditionally do for Mother's just may take a little more pre-planning so I would do that sooner rather than later.

While we are still dealing with the pandemic, things are getting better. Life, good or bad, is getting back like it was before the pandemic. Enjoy the spring weather and make plans to have a great (and safe) Mother’s Day 2021.

Since my Mom lives about 600 miles away I will not get a chance to see her for Mother's Day. But it is not COVID related, I just can't get away from work to make the trip and she gave up traveling a few years ago.

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