For years, Doctor Zeleniak (AKA Dr. Zee) and his team at Augusta Orthodontics have treated us to a magical Holiday lights display.  We're not talking about a couple of strands of lights on the eaves of the building.  This is the kind of lights display that would make Clark W. Griswold jealous!

The lights, set up on and inside his State Street, Augusta office, were choreographed to music.  For those who wanted to watch the show (yes, it really was a show) from the street, there were speakers that played the soundtrack.  If you were more comfortable watching the show from your car or truck, their was a small FM transmitter playing the soundtrack.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

One of the great things about the display is that it kept getting bigger and better every year.  And, to get the full effect, you needed to watch the entire sequence several times, from different angles.

From right after Thanksgiving through December 31st, hundreds of people would make a visit to the office each night.

In the days following Thanksgiving 2022, the lack of lights were definitely noticeable.  Of course, we had heard rumors that there would be no lights this year.  However, we wanted confirmation.  A quick call to Augusta Orthodontics confirmed that, unfortunately, there will be no Christmas / Holiday lights display at Doctor Zee's in 2022.

We hope everything is okay with Dr. Zee and his family and we hope that we will see those beloved lights return in the near future.

In the meantime, you can relive the excitement of some of the previous lights displays by visiting the Augusta Orthodontics website HERE

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