Proud mommy moment.  So, naturally, I have to brag.  I think what is important here is that we, as parents, are teaching our children to stand up for what they believe it.  Even if you're standing alone...still stand up.  Be heard, respectfully.  Remain kind.  Express  your opinion in a manner in which others want to listen.

This is what my 14 year old daughter did a couple week's ago at an open forum to discuss medical and recreational marijuana.  She was so nervous and wasn't sure if the committee was even listening to her.  But yesterday, that all changed when she received a thank-you card from Senator Katz.

Emma's card2

Emma was the only minor who spoke at the forum.  For Sen. Katz to take a moment and acknowledge her courage meant a great deal to her.  It only build her confidence to go and do it again.

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