Have you ever learned something that genuinely blew your mind? Something that you've gone your whole life not knowing and you don't understand how you went all those years without being told this vital information? Okay, maybe this isn't vital, but it absolutely blew my mind.

Most of us have probably owned a loofah at one point or another. But did you know that, originally, "loofahs" were GROWN?! Yes, grown, like, a plant! Of course, there are ocean sponges, but I had no idea that sponges could be grown like corn or cucumbers.

I learned this thanks to an Insider video making the rounds on Facebook.

Turns out, luffa is a type of cucumber belonging to the gourd family. They were widely used as the sponge of choice in the U.S. That is, until World War II. They were being imported from Japan. When Pearl Harbor happened that ended the Japan sponge trade. So, your great-grandparents were probably fully aware of this information.

Check out the full video detailing luffa production below.

Does anyone know where I can get this natural luffa sponge locally?

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