As some of you may know, I was not born in Maine. I got here as quickly as I could! I was actually born in New Hampshire and spent my youth in Lincoln. It is a great place to hike, ski and explore the outdoors. But it’s also a place that may attract ghosts in addition to other travelers.

Not far from Lincoln is a beautiful inn called The Notchland Inn. According to a tombstone is in the parlor of the inn that states “1778. Nancy Barton. Died in a snowstorm in pursuit of her faithless lover.” And yes, there’s a story that goes with the tombstone.

Nancy Barton was a young woman in her teens who fell in love with a local young man. He proposed and they were going to be married. She gave him all of her money so he could go to Portsmouth and get settled before she arrived. She sadly never heard from him again. He took the money and ran.

Nancy believed she knew what direction he took and despite the fact there seemed to be a storm building she did not heed the pleas from her neighbors to not go after him. Although the path was long and snow covered, she was confident she knew the way and good find her true love.

Nancy hiked along the well known path until she was too tired to go on any more. She was found frozen to death next to the brook that now bears her name. She was buried close by and according to some you can still hear her shrieks and cries throughout the forest. Some residents of the inn have reported seeing a mysterious figure and have experienced strange writings appearing on the mirrors in their room. I for one would not be happy about that.
As for her fiancée, it is said he heard about what happened to Nancy and went insane with guilt.

The area is perfect place for hiking. You have the opportunity to stay at the inn even, if you dare.

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