With the number of tourists the flock to New England throughout the year, you would think that we're a region of the country that is fun to visit. Well according to a new study done by Wallet Hub, New England isn't nearly as fun as we'd like to think it is.

Wallet Hub compared all 50 states using 26 ways to rate each state's level of fun. Things like the number of amusement parks, golf courses, shoreline mileage, arcade, movie theaters, beaches, and the list goes on and on.

California, Florida, Nevada and New York ranked at the top of the list as most fun states. That makes sense. California and Florida have theme parks, Nevada has Las Vegas, the adult theme park, and New York makes it for having the largest city in the country by population and plenty of attractions within New York City.

But New England is nearly at the bottom of the list, despite cities like Boston and Portland, coastal areas like Rockland, Bar Harbor, Newport, and Cape Cod, and plenty of ski areas throughout the six states.

Here's how the rankings shook out for New England.

  • Massachusetts - 25th
  • Maine - 39th
  • New Hampshire - 42nd
  • Connecticut - 43rd
  • Vermont - 45th
  • Rhode Island - 49th

So Massachusetts lands right in the middle of the 50 states as the 25th most fun in the country. Is that because of Boston? Who knows? Maine comes in second for the New England states at 39th scoring big points for being the state in the country with the largest variety of arts, entertainment & recreation establishments. Who knew? And New Hampshire is right behind Maine, but at least they aren't Rhode Island. Yikes!

You can see the entire rundown of all the states and how fun they are at Wallet Hub.

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