The best record from 1992 is available today.

In case you haven't paid attention to country radio the last six or seven months, rock and hip hop are no longer the only genres embracing retro. Texas's Midland owe more to Little Texas than say, Little Big Town. If you've been pining for more than one steel guitar on a modern country record, On The Rocks is what you've been waiting for. "Lonely For You Only" kicks off their full length debut in dusty mid tempo fashion. Before you know it, you're in the middle of hit "Drinkin' Problem." There's an art in rehashing a sound, while simultaniously making it fresh. "Nothing New Under The Neon Moon" possesses a Dwight Yoakam charm, which would fit next to the latter's "Thousand Miles From Nowhere."  The four day bender feel of "Burn Out," along with a generous nod to Glen Campbell in "Electric Rodeo" are also standouts. The thirteen tracks are an exercise in a country-must, great storytelling. Whether the the band lived the songs they sing isn't important, or likely. Singer Mark Wystratch is a former underwear model, and bassist Cameron Duddy is an award winning video director, who's credits include Bruno Mars. The trio deliver on the promise of what their EP hinted, and you just might have a half mullet curl after spending a weekend with On The Rocks. That's a good thing.

Key Tracks: Electric Rodeo, Burn Out, Drinkin' Problem, AT Least You Cried.

9.5 out of 10.

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