FINALLY! Jason Aldean has returned with his specific blend of rock and country and he has proven yet again that he deserves to be at the top of the country music world.

Highlights of the album:

Rearview Town, the title track about leaving a town behind because it reminds you of her.

Dirt to Dust, the first song on the album gets it started the right way, an upbeat song that practically makes you turn the volume up and rock out.

Better at Being Who I Am: A ballad about how being true to yourself than changing for a girl.

Low points of the album: (Although no song on this album could be described as bad)

Blacktop Gone: Basically a song about how he can't be slowed down. Nothing wrong with it, i just think at this point he could've chosen another song for his album. Would've been better for an EP or  a deluxe album version

Drowns the Whiskey Feat. Miranda Lambert: It breaks my heart putting this song on the low end of the album but it was disappointing. It follows the common trend of "Featuring" another country artist (Craving you, What If's) of featuring a well known female artist as backing vocals but putting them on the song like it's a duet. It is a very good song lyrically, but disappointing on that aspect.

Final thoughts:

He raps again in this album TWICE! On I'll Wait for you, and Gettin' Warmed Up.

You can get his new album now.

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