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St Patty's Taste Testing With Damon's Beverage
If you are looking for some ideas cocktail wise for the upcoming St Patricks Day look no futher than Damon's Beverage & Redemption family of stores.
Owner Donald Damon hosted another taste testing to give us some ideas with a variety of drink options.
Make Your Own DIY Apple Press For $20
One of my fall pet peeves is all the wasted apples. Everyone loves to go apple picking and everyone picks way too many apples, usually more than ever get used. For years I've been saying I'm going to make my own DYI apple press and enjoy some fresh cider...
Make Your Own D.I.Y Air Conditioner For Less Than $10
We are right in the middle of summer and even though we have a few cooler days ahead, you know we also have a few, if not several scorchers still on the way.
This has all been top of mind for me since I have an air conditioner unit that is starting to have issues...
McDonalds Closing Dining Room Service
McDonald’s USA company-owned restaurants will close seating areas, including the use of self-service beverage bars and kiosks, and shift our focus to serving customers through Drive-Thru, walk-in take-out and McDelivery.

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