Summer is in full bloom here in Maine, and the Fourth of July is only a few short days away. Over the past few months, with everything surrounding Covid-19 and social sustaining, we've heard more about what is closing for the Summer of 2020 then what will still go on as planned.

There hasn't been much talk regarding the Fourth of July fireworks and if places will still have them even though most of the festivals and celebrations canceled. I know there has been some talk about a fireworks display happening in Greenville, but even for me, the person who loves a good road trip, it is just too far.

I have been hoping more locations would still offer firework displays even if it means people sit in their cars to watch. All we as humans want is for things to seem a little more normal then they have been in recent months. So when I was driving by Crystal Falls in Chelsea, and I noticed their sign said " FIREWORKS 4TH of JULY," and I got super excited.

The sign didn't mention a time that the fireworks will be set off, but my guess would be sometime after 8:00 pm. I don't know all details surrounding parking or if there will be a limit on spaces due to capacity limits. I do, however, understand that the owners want to give locals a little happiness in an uncertain time. And if you're like me, fireworks might not make everything better, but they sure do help!

When I gather more details ill be sure to let you know

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