It has taken a decade, but an arrest has finally been made in the case of a murdered woman from Maine.

According to WGME, police have arrested a man from Long Island, New York for the serial killings of eleven women whose bodies were discovered in 2010.  The bodies of the victims were found along Long Island's Gilgo Beach.

One of those victims was 22 year old Megan Waterman, of Scarborough.  Waterman had reportedly been working as a sex worker when she disappeared.

The article explains that, when the bodies were discovered, it was suspected that they were the victims of a serial killer.

This photo is from the security camera of the lobby of the hotel where Waterman and her boyfriend had been staying when she disappeared.


During a Friday morning press conference, it was announced that Long Island police had arrested Rex Heuermann for the killings.

*All suspects are considered innocent until being found guilty in a court of law*

Even though I was working in New Hampshire when this story first broke, I remember it well.  The fact that eleven bodies were found in such a quiet area was a real shock that made it national news.  Honestly, at the time, I did not realize that one of the victims was from Maine.

It was such a massive story that a book based on the situations was written.  Later, that book was turned into a Netflix movie.

Check out the trailer for the movie here:

Hopefully, this arrest will bring some closure for the families of the young women who were killed.

Here is a news report about the case:

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