My heart breaks for Lee Goldberg, his son Connor and family.  Finding out your child has a disease, that is so complicated and holds no cure, is a punch in the gut.  Yesterday, in a Facebook post, Lee Goldberg posted exactly what his son is facing.

First, I want to thank the, over 70, notifications I got from people who thought of me...asking me to reach out to Lee and his family.  I have done that.  I know, first hand, how important it is to not feel alone during this time.  For all of think of just shows that my hard work and persistence to spread awareness is working.  My heart is full.  Thank you.  I will continue to make noise.  I have a few events coming up that will do just that (I'll tell ya in a second)

Next, continue to raise awareness.  Share my story, share Lee's story or anybody else's story you may know.  We need the doctors to not ask us how to spell CHIARI...or ask us what syringomyelia is.

Last, mark your calendars!!  ASAP Cruisin For Chiari on September 15th

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