In the past, I often heard the phrase "You run like a girl!" used as an insult. However, my perspective has shifted and now I see "running like a girl" as a powerful way to pursue your dreams with determination.

The Hardy Girls program and conferences are something I truly wish I had when I was younger. This program puts the minds of the youth first and have been working together to create magic.

An article was put out by WABI, explaining what this incredible non-profit is and I am officially hooked!

According to their website, they take young people seriously and it's about damn time. They partner with girls and nonbinary youth through their Feminist Action BoardMuse ProgramCoalition GroupsTraining Institute, and Spring Conferences.

Hardy Girls has been sparking curiosity, promoting critical thinking, forging alliances, and challenging the establishment since 2000.

This is fascinating because their focus is on transforming the "norm" and current culture, rather than fixing the individual. This is something that should have been visited, spoken about and communicated to youth a long time ago.

The Hardy Girls engage with 1,200 girls and nonbinary youth each year, as their website says.

Challenging the status quo isn't an easy feat but the Hardy Girls are determined to educate themselves and others on our new social norms.

It starts with respecting yourself, knowing your worth, and respecting others with empathy. Even if you don't understand someone else, respect them.

We can all get down with that. I applaud the Hardy Girls for the work they are doing because it will result in a brighter future for all of us.

To find out information on their programs and conferences, check out their website!

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