Driving around today...I was following a vehicle that had a bumper sticker that insinuated that the 'mom' on board donated breast milk.  I smiled and thought 'how sweet'.  I once required donated breast milk for one of my children.  It's a noble thing to do.  And certainly can be hard for a mother to come to terms that she, herself, can't produce milk for her baby.  But, what I read next made my jaw drop!

On the same vehicle was a sticker that read   'I MAKE MILK WHAT'S YOUR SUPERPOWER'.  I found myself, sort of, at a standstill.  Kinda dumbfounded.  Is the act of producing such a bodily fluid actually classified as a 'superpower'?  Millions of women lactate everyday.  How is your ability to do so classify you to be so powerful?  Perhaps, it's because you donate milk to mother's having a difficult time breastfeeding their baby. But then, isn't this sticker, sort of, a slap in the good ol' milk bubbles?  Like to say 'Hey, I can feed your baby and you can not'.

To obtain 'superhero' status or to be blessed with such skill and talent, shouldn't you be able to have X-Ray vision?  Defend the Galaxy?  Leap tall buildings in a single bound Balance a check book?

But, sometimes leaky nipples aren't a good thing.  It could, in fact, be an indicator for bigger problems...even cancer.  Maybe this sticker could confuse a fellow reader who might think 'Oh...this isn't a cause for concern...this is a superpower'.  Someones life could be in jeopardy.  OK OK...that's a little far fetched...I HOPE!

I will say, kudos to you for donating to those who need it.  I've been on the receiving end of such  generosity...and I just realized how that sounds...but nonetheless, I'm incredibly grateful for the gift.  Do, I classify my boo-boo juice producing giver as having a superpower?  Not exactly.  Go grocery shopping with 6 kids...then we'll talk.

I know, I know...everyone has to gripe and complain about something...look at me go!

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