Over the last few years, we have all either ridden, or watched, the Maine real estate roller coaster.

It all started in the summer of 2020.  That was when people in the east coast's major cities, like Boston and New York, started abandoning those metros in favor of a life in Maine.

Almost overnight, we saw the prices of the average home in Maine skyrocket.  Homes were going for tens of thousands of dollars over asking price almost overnight.

In recent months, however, that insanity has subsided quite a bit.

That being said, in some Maine cities and towns homes are still going for over asking.  In fact, one Maine city has made a list of cities where homes are selling the most over asking price.

Maria Ziegler / Unsplash
Maria Ziegler / Unsplash

Recently, Stacker analyzed data from Redfin and found that, on average, homes in the City of Augusta & Augusta Metro (well, the surrounding area) are selling for over asking price.  Augusta came in at #11 on the top 50 list.  The analysis found that, of the three dozen homes sold during the survey period, they sold for an average of 1.018 over asking.

In other words, if the home was priced at $200,000 it ended up selling for $203,600.  Not a pile of cash, but a decent bump.

Other New England cities that made it on the list include Burlington (Vermont), Springfield (Massachusetts), Manchester (New Hampshire), and Bennington (Vermont).

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