We have all dealt with bad customer service at least once in our lives but most of us handle it well. Some guy in Massachusetts took to Twitter to complain about a manager at Target.

Here's the story: David Leavitt was at Target, saw a display for an $80 toothbrush. On the display was a price tag, clearly marked display, that said $0.01. Leavitt saw this and believed he was only going to pay ONE PENNY for this toothbrush.

Now logically he was never going to be paying this for a toothbrush. But when he was informed this, he went on a major twitter rant bashing Target and the manager, Tori.

Even going as far as calling the cops on her.

Then he tried to go after Target.

And finally, he tried to justify his reasoning for this attack.

Unfortunately for David, people were NOT having it...

Luckily, the people of the internet came together to support Tori and set up a GoFundMe for her to take a vacation. Which eventually raised $30,000. 

Her response to the outpouring of kindness can be seen below.

Good luck Tori, have fun on your well deserved vacation.

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