Chances are, you've stumbled upon a Hot Wheels or Matchbox toy at some point in your life. That is all thanks to the toy company, Mattel. When it comes to my wife, Nelly, she's not only a fan, she's a fanatic of these toy cars.

She is a collector and has gathered a whole fleet of her own since childhood to share with our child.

Now, what if a hot wheels or matchbox car could magically turn into a real, drivable vehicle?

This weekend my little family and I got a pretty big surprise when we saw a real life matchbox car pull up into our neighborhood!

We heard it before it pulled in. A loud vehicle coming down our road. We all ran and looked out the window and were shocked to see a car that looked almost identical to my 6-year-olds matchbox cars.

Bentley was ecstatic but even more so was my wife.

It was priceless to look at their faces and see this. He realized that a toy he plays with can actually be turned into something real.

It was a good teaching moment for us. We were able to share with him that you can have almost anything you want if you work hard enough to get it.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

How cool is that? You never know what you're going to find in Lewiston. I love how creative people are.

I looked it up and according to CNET, it's not easy to replicate a matchbox car with a real vehicle. But it is a popular hobby for those interested. The people in this article meticulously match the cars and I am assuming our friend above with the car, just did it for fun. But people can get real serious about replicating these nostalgic toys!

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