It was the hardest week of my life, and I didn't expect it to be. I will not lie to you, I went to this expecting it to be more of a tourist like adventure, take pictures, talk to some people, etc. but it was so much more. I stood on the legendary yellow footprints where new recruits stand. I got yelled at by a man 6 inches shorter than me that terrified me to my core. I learned the phrases, I was yelled at, I worked harder physically than I ever have before, and I learned I make a much better radio DJ than a Marine.

Parris Island is one of 2 training centers in the country for Marines. Young men east of the Mississippi River are sent there for boot camp, while young men west of the Mississippi are sent to a training site in San Diego, and 100% of female recruits are sent to Parris Island. While on the Island, recruits go through 13 weeks of grueling training to prepare them for their future, I will get more into the actual boot camp experience in coming stories.

I grew up less than 5 miles form Camp Pendleton, I've known Marines my whole life. Some Marines I consider good friends and my sister even dated a few. Because I was so familiar with Marines I honestly did not view it was intensely as I should have. I just viewed it as another job. But after this experience I need to buy every Marine I know a beer.

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