Paul Karason appeared on the Today Show in 2008 to talk about a condition that was turning his skin ‘blue’. He became known as the ‘Blue Man’ because of the condition that permanently turned his skin a deep blue.  Some people called him Papa Smurf according to his wife. With his blue skin and white hair and beard it was understandable. If a child ran up to him and called him Papa Smurf he didn’t mind, it was adults calling him the name that he didn’t appreciate.

His skin began to turn blue 15 years ago while he was using a silver preparation to treat a bad case of dermatitis. The drug was banned by the FDA in 1999 because of the effects of the silver collecting in the skin and other organs and not dissipating. It's believed the silver in the skin and the reflection of sun light caused his skin to turn blue.

Karason died at the age of 62 on Monday in a Washington hospital after suffering a heart attack. He had heart problems for years, was a heavy smoker and had a triple bypass five years ago.