Over the last few years, we've seen incredible progress in the revitalization of downtown Augusta.  The complete refurbishing of several Water Street buildings, the addition of beautiful apartments, new shops, and amazing new restaurants and bars.  All of these new businesses have caused an increase in the demand for parking on Water Street.

Because of this demand, we could see the days of free parking on Water Street come to an end.

According to the KJ, a recent parking study, done by Desman Design Management, recommends charging for Water Street parking.

The report explains that parking on Water Street is often hard to find because downtown workers and tenants.  In theory, making people pay a small fee for parking would encourage long-term parkers to use side streets and lots, while freeing up those spaces for customers of downtown businesses.

The study suggests charging a small fee, about a dollar per hour, for Water Street parking.

Currently, parking on Water Street is free, but parking in many of the lots requires a permit which costs about $70 per three months.  The study goes on to say that the opposite should be the case.  Lot parking should be free, while parking on Water Street (just a few feet away from shops and restaurants) should have a small cost.

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