Maine is made up of many small towns, some smaller than others. Here is a list of some of the ‘smallest’ towns in the state. Not by area though but by population.

The smallest town in Maine is ‘Gilead’ with a population of 209 people. More males (55.5%) than females (44.5%) live in the town.

Next on the list is ‘Hamlin’. There are 112 females and 107 males that live in this small town located on the Canadian-US border. They also have the distinction of being the closest continental location to Europe in the United States.

‘Whitneyville’ is 3rd with a population of 220 and median resident age of 47 years old. The town was named after Colonel Joseph Whitney, a mill owner. It is estimated when the new census comes out the population will decrease by 8.

With a population of 228 ‘Weston’ is the fourth smallest community in Maine. There are 14 more males than female in Weston. The median age in the town was 51.6 years.

‘Long Island’, Maine (yes, we have a long island too). Long Island is an island town in Cumberland County, Maine, United States, which seceded from the city of Portland in 1993. Long Island is one of 15 Maine islands that have year round communities with a population of 230.

‘Shirley’, Maine has a population of 233 making it the sixth least populated town in the state. The name came from a town in Massachusetts. It’s the birth place of frontier humorist Bill Nye.