Former middle school teacher, Lauren Miranda sent a topless selfie to her then-boyfriend and fellow teacher over two years ago.

Earlier this year she discovered her photo ended up in the hands of a student.

She was recently fired as a result of the photo.

According to BuzzFeed News, Miranda was no longer a "role model" according to the district's superintendent. The superintendent also stated to Miranda in a letter "you caused, allowed, or otherwise made it possible for a nude and/or inappropriate photograph of yourself to be distributed."

Now Miranda plans on suing the school district, the superintendent and members of the Board of Education on the grounds of discrimination, as described in The New York Times, claiming that a topless photo of a man would not be treated in the same manner. "My upper torso is no more offensive than a man's," said Miranda.

She is seeking up to $3M and her job back.

How her photo was leaked to a student is still unknown.

According to an ABC Interview (below), her lawyer states that it's not Miranda's job to seek out the source of the leak and according to another lawyer who represents victims of online sexual privacy breaches, it certainly wasn't appropriate to fire a victim of exploitation.

What do you think? Did the punishment fit the crime? Was she discriminated against?

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