For months, we have seen the Powerball jackpot climb and climb (and climb some more).  In fact, we have not had a Powerball (or Mega Millions) jackpot winner since September.  Well, we finally have a Powerball jackpot winner!

Someone in Maryland hit the jackpot in last night's drawing!  In case you forgot, the jackpot for last night's drawing was $731.1 million.  Yesterday afternoon, the jackpot was calculated at $730 million, but last minute ticket sales drove that total even higher.

So, what about the winner?  The winning ticket for Wednesday's jackpot was sold in Allegany County, in northwestern Maryland, but additional details weren't immediately available.

Here's the really cool part, one of the big, non-jackpot, winners was here in Maine!

According to WMTW, there was a $1 million ticket sold in Maine.  However, it was not immediately clear where that ticket was sold.  Hopefully, we'll find that out later today.

Haven't checked your tickets yet?  Maybe it is you?  The winning numbers for last night's (Wednesday, January 20th) drawing are 40-53-60-68-69 and the Powerball is 22 The Power Play is 3x

So, you didn't win the Powerball jackpot?  It's okay...  The massive Mega Millions jackpot is still available.  Friday's jackpot is currently sitting at $970 million.


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