It's amazing how many people in Maine have chickens. From full farms to just a few to get fresh eggs. Some chickens become like members of the family. Here's some sound advice, don’t kiss it! This advice was first brought to our attention in June and the Health department is issuing a warning again, don't kiss your chickens.

People are kissing and cuddling with their pet chickens. CDC Zoonotic Disease Expert Dr. Casey Behrvesh says, “People just don’t know that healthy chickens, ducks and other poultry carry germs like Salmonella.” So far more than 60 people in 23 states have fallen ill, and a third were hospitalized.

Think You Can Ride A Bull? [VIDEO]" align="center"]Most illnesses happen when chicken owners treat their birds like family by bringing them into their homes. Research shows more than one in ten owners kiss their birds. Experts say you can still hold and play with your chickens just don’t kiss them and make sure you wash your hands afterwards.