With Valentine’s Day coming on February 14 here are some pros and cons of the big day from thatgirlmag.com. All I have to say about this list is….REALLY?





--If you have someone to celebrate with you’re probably in for a romantic night. (yipee)

--Strangers are likely to give you free chocolate. (but do you trust them?)

--Your classes are a little bit sillier, because it’s a holiday and everyone’s high on sugar and love. ( I have no class)

--Your dad might send you a Happy Valentine’s Day text. (whoopee)

--If you don’t have someone, think of all the money you’ll save. (that’s mine)


--Being single on Valentine’s Day stinks. (uh...no)

--Your friends will probably have a date so you can’t hang with them. (women don't want anything to do with the people I hang with)

--There is intense pressure to be cute and romantic.(I'm always cute)

--If you have a partner, think of all the money you have to spend. (that’s mine)

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