Wow! Who knew Maine had such BIG snakes slithering around! Well, if you are planning on being in Camden anytime on the look out for 4-5 foot ball python that is on the loose!  Local police are putting out the word that you might encounter the reptile moving around Sea Street. Apparently the snake is an escape artist, this is the second time the snake has found a way out of its enclosure at its owners home in the last year or so.

Camden police have posted on their Facebook page, alerting of the escape. Last time the the snake made a break for it they were able to find it soaking in the rays close by the break out scene near Sea Street.

So If you’re in Camden and you happen to see the python, Police say “don’t try to make contact with it, stay away from it,”  “just leave it alone.”

Police are asking anyone who sees the python to call the Knox Communications Center at 236-3030.