As I try to do every weekend, I ended up at the movies. My moviepass card in hand, I got my popcorn, I got my soda, and I got my leather seat. I was ready to watch giant monsters fighting across a city. What I was not expecting was an actual coherent plot that was well executed and acted. Honestly this movie caught me off guard. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars as Davis Okoye, an expert in primate behavior and his albino gorilla friend, George. They have a bond very similar to brothers and it's oddly touching. Especially considering that "George" was a guy in a green screen suit later edited to be a giant gorilla. But i feel like that actually showcases just how talented Dwayne Johnson has become.

Of course the movies plot goes from endearing to an action packed monster movie as soon as the evil gas turns George stronger, faster, and capable of healing, but I feel like that goes to show we should not mess with nature or else nature will try to destroy Chicago. I have attached the movie trailer below. It was thoroughly an enjoyable film and definitely worth your time.

It is very action packed and features some scary images so it might not be suitable for your kids, but I think it's good entertainment for most.

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