Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love ice cream. Whether it’s on a cone, in a cup, in milkshake form, or is a special concoction like a blizzard, I love it. So when I heard that most ice cream places close for the winter here in Maine, I was devastated. But now, winter is over….technically, which means places are beginning to open. I enjoyed the free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen last week, but this weekend I wanted to try a place I can only get here in Maine, Fielders Choice.

I went there with my friend on Sunday, decided to get a peanut butter and banana milkshake and was enthralled. So much anticipation built up. And then. It. Happened. I heard the dreaded words from the girl behind the window. “I’m sorry sir, cash only.” What? WHAT? What kind of establishment nowadays is cash only? Are they hiding some seedy business behind the scenes? She then directed me to the atm they have set up by the business where it was a 2 dollar surcharge to get your money out. I AM NOT GOING TO PAY MY OWN MONEY TO GET MY OWN MONEY. So I left, I went home, ice cream-less and pondered my own existence.

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