To show support for me and my daily challenges with chiari, Randy and Andy participated in the Chiari Brain Freeze Challenge.  What is it?  Randy and Andy got really dizzy while drinking an ice cold slushy.  The purpose?  To imitate the symptoms associated with chiari malformation.  

Chiari is a condition where the brain herniates beneath the base of the skull compressing the brain stem and spine.  Dizziness and headaches are only a minor component of what someone with chiari deals with on a day to day basis.  Chiari has no cure, only treatments and procedures to get them from on treatment/procedure to the next.  Sadly, finding a doctor who can truly treat chiari is hard to find.  I travel to New York and see Dr. Bolognese.  He has saved my life.

Watch Randy and Andy get their dizzy on:

I'm honored they stepped up to do this for me and help raise awareness for Chiari Malformation. If you want to help the cause, join the Conquer Chiari Walk  Across America - Central Maine on September 16th.

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