A very rare letter than is in excellent shape written by a passenger on the Titanic sold at auction for $200,000. The letter was written by a passenger on the Titanic saying how wonderful the voyage was. The letter was written just hours before the ship hit an iceberg and began to sink.

The letter was penned by Ester Hart on April 12, 1912, hours later the boat began to sink killing more than 1,500 people including Hart’s husband, Benjamin. The letter survived because Benjamin Hart gave it to his wife when he put her and his daughter in a lifeboat. Ester Hart died in 1928 but Eva, the daughter, lived until 1996 and was critical of recovery efforts of the ship, considering it to be a mass grave and didn’t want it disturbed.

In October a violin believed to have been played as the Titanic sank sold for nearly $1.5 million.