Real ID has a long history and its story in Maine has been a roller coaster. Maine is one of the last states to adopt Real ID and as of this summer Mainers can get state drivers license or state identification cards that are Real ID compliant!

I have been pay attention to this story for YEARS. I like to travel. I like knowing my personal information is secure. Real ID touches on both those issues.

Maine will be ready to issue Real ID as of July 1, 2019.  If you need to get your license renewed before then and want a Real ID you will need to circle back around and get it redone.

Mainers will NOT be required to have Real ID...BUT if you don' of October 2020 you will NEED to have a valid passport to travel.

There are some concerns with the Real ID cards...check this story from Newscenter Maine on what information is not just reviewed when you get a Real ID ...but is now scanned and stored in a date base.

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