While driving to Brad's basketball practice in Auburn from Chad's parent's house in Turner, we have to travel Route 4. When I started dating Chad and would travel out to see his parents he would say "Be careful on Route 4. It's the most treacherous piece of road in the state. There have been so many accidents."

So I have been careful. I have heard and read about the numerous accidents that have happened in the last 2 years. Little did I know that between Turner and Auburn, there have been more than 600 accidents since 2003. But I didn't know what MIGHT have caused a few of them.

With the snow and ice around from the last storm, people were speeding heavily last night and it made me nervous. Chad is a competent driver...it's the other people's driving I'm worried about.

But then he told me about the 'Woman in White'. And it gave me shivers...

It seems there is a legend on Route 4. Chad told me that numerous accidents have been blamed on the 'Woman in White". The Auburn Plains Cemetery is across from Gammon's Landscape Nursery. When we were coming up on the guardrail just before the cemetery headed south, he said that the guardrail is permanently dented in many spots because of the 'Woman in White'.

It seems that while people are driving in the evening and overnight hours a 'Woman in White' runs out into the road and drivers have swerved to avoid hitting her. He hasn't heard of any accidents recently referring to her but it makes you think: cemetery, Woman in White, accidents...Gives me the shivers!

I've already experienced the crazy driving habits on that stretch of Rt 4. I don't want to see her at all!

So, all of you who travel on Rt 4 between Turner and Auburn...please keep your speed down and your eyes peeled.

Getty images/Madison Keating