Michael Strahan announced on April 19 that he'll be leaving 'Live' with Kelly and Michael and be committing full time to 'Good Morning America'. Michael replaced the legendary Regis Philbin in 2012. And, the next day (April 20), Kelly Ripa did not show up for work, which some reports have said was an angry reaction for not being told of the news in advance of it being released to the media.

'Live' will be looking for Michael's replacement and look for that person to start in September.

I thought, what a great job. Work an hour a day and the pay has to be better than it is in radio. The only draw back is having to move to New York City.

So, hey the powers to be at 'Live', give me a shot at joining Kelly Ripa this fall. And if Kelly doesn't come back to work, bring Sarah on board and we can call the show, 'Live with Sarah and Andy'!

Here's our audition tape, enjoy. I'll be waiting for my phone to ring.

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