Christmas is right around the corner.  I have already started shopping.  I'm not thrilled about it.  But, I think I've been able to narrow in on what is going to be the hot toys this year.  Remember last year was that blasted Hatchimal eggy thingy.  Well, this year here's what it's going to be:

Fingerlings...cutesy lil monkey finger things.  Currently sold out of all local stores.  Most online sites are OUT OF STOCK.  Amazon has them for double/triple the price they are worth.

Hatchimals...AGAIN...but new edition.  What will it look like?  That will be revealed on Hatchimals Day, October 6th!  MSRP: $ don't pay any more than that.

Nintendo Switch...I have 3 kids who are ALL begging for one of these.  I know nothing more than 'but mumma it's so cool and I have to have it!'

NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII - 10K Blaster...and I thought the Official Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass was a mouthful.

Cosmo the Robot...Cosmo is the cutest lil thing and worth every cent!  This year they have a collector's edition.

Cuddles my Dream 7 year old is begging for this.  This is the same girl who begged for a Hatchimal last year and it's collecting dust today.  I'm convinced she would give up oxygen for this kitten.



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