I have to admit...this week I really really want to help make a connection happen.  Especially the one from Central Maine Motors.  It's tough being shy.  Who knows, this might be the perfect match.  Let's see if we can help them go on a date.  

I'm a shy guy at Central Maine Motors
You were wearing gray yoga pants and maroon top. From what I could tell you were trading your 2013 in for something newer as I was talking to sales. Your tried to start up a conversation with me but I was shy and didn't say anything then our eyes met as I looked up at you again and you smiled at me and I quickly looked away. I'm sorry but I'm a shy guy and it's killing me that I didn't ask you for your number or at least get your name. If you see this hit me up and tell me what I was wearing so I know it is you :)

Grandma at McDonalds in Bath
You were there with your grandson B was his name. I couldnt keep my eyes off you. I would love to know more about you.

Red-headed woman in Augusta
Second time I've seen you in the drive through. Amazing smile, drop dead gorgeous from what I can see through the window. Was in my truck both times, wearing a green shirt today, 28th, just wondering if you noticed me too.

In a relationship but can't stop thinking about you in Bath
Oh S.. Why do you keep coming into my thoughts? We don't know each other personally but I find myself thinking of you. You seem like a hard working man who goes after his goals and dreams. I admire that about you. You've tried to talk me but I don't say much because I'm in a relationship. I'm a good girl but I do have a crush on you. Hope you meet a woman who compliments and matches your ambition


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