A powerful, painful documentary about suicide and the life long process of dealing with the death of a child.

CJ’s Mom, Hallie, is a friend of mine. Her journey through this darkest part of life has taught me so much about life, loss, love and the human spirit.  Hallie is an amazing person. The Scatting CJ project came from her and her families process of trying to find some way of dealing with the death of CJ.

I was honored to have taken part in the Scattering CJ project early on.  CJ and I were on the waterfront in New Orleans when I did exactly as Hallie asked. It was an emotional experience. The wind changed direction just as I was scattering CJ and he came back on me.  I just consider it CJ giving me a hug.

There is now a documentary about this story.  It is called "Scattering CJ: The loss of one becomes the journey of many" from Spark Media.  The documentary will debut this fall at the Camden International Film Festival.

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