Lately, my newsfeed on Facebook is filled with engagements and expecting mothers, or those who have already popped! As a 22-year-old, this is extremely strange to see simply for the fact I, personally, still don't feel like an adult most of the time.. let alone ready to create another life! However, for those of you out there looking for that perfect Maine area to take engagement pictures.. here is a list of some great places! I found an interactive map here at Shot Hot Spot where each spot is separated into categories of coastal, landscape, sunrise, sunset, etc., all over Maine. Here were some of my favorites from the Central Maine area.

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    Hobbit Land

    Most locals have since heard about this gorgeous spot known to most by the name of Hobbitland. Located in Hallowell, Vaughan Homestead resembles The Shire, from Lord Of The Rings and is a perfect spot to take engagement photos for the couple that want to add an earthy, forest feel to their photos.

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    Moxie Falls

    Want to show the world just how far you've 'fallen' for each other? Take engagement pictures at one of the tallest waterfalls in New England, Moxie Falls. With sunlight filtering through the overhead leaves and trees, this spot is great for photography.

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    Pemaquid Point Light House

    As cliché as it may be for the common Mainer, you can't deny the beauty and classiness of a lighthouse photograph. Perfect for sunrise and sunset, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is a great spot for engagement photos to give the couple a taste of the coast and preserve the essence of Maine in the photographs. This is the perfect mix of salty and sweet!

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    Sugarloaf Mountain

    Maybe you met on the slope during the many winter months of Maine or hiked to the top during the summer... either way, engagement photos are gorgeous at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain! Not only this, but Sugarloaf now offers wedding packages!

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    Reid State Park

    In reality, all of Maine's State Parks hold the beauty of Maine and nature, but Reid State Park has a lot to offer. I actually had my Senior High School Photo taken here. There's grassy areas with purple flowers that allow for a meadow feel in contrast to the sandy beach area to the rocky shore areas. This creates a great chance to have diversity amongst all of the photos.

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    Chimney Pond

    Located in Baxter State Park this beautiful pond encompassed by a beautiful Mount Katahdin backdrop begs for a photo op. The water is clear enough to see the bottom of the pond and the creative opportunities here are endless. This 3-mile long trail offers up many chances to photograph in the woods of Maine as well.

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    Coos Canyon

    Located out towards Farmington, Coos Canyon is just that - a canyon of sorts. This place is filled with streams and jumping spots from cliffs. The cliffs could make for some creative photo ops along with maybe a photo of the couple actually jumping! If not great for pictures... this place is always fun to go to regardless. Afterward, stop in at the gift shop to grab some gold as a remembrance of this treasured day.

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    Two Cent Bridge

    If you're in search of a more architectural scene for your engagement photos - the Two Cent Bridge in Waterville is a wonderful spot. With a backdrop of the Kennebec River underneath, this bridge could serve as a great spot to add a pop of culture and history to your photos.

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    Botanical Gardens

    Color, color, color! Flowers, flowers, flowers! The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is the place to go for those couples who want their photos to really pop with color. Although, there are policies, guidelines and fees for photographing within the gardens - your photographer should know more about this beforehand!

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    Apple Farms

    Your photos will be as sweet as apple pie! With Fall just around the corner now, some folks may want to take their romantic engagement pictures with the fall colors surrounded by ripe apples. Apple farms are known for their cliché couple pictures, but it never hurts to snap a couple photos while eating some healthy fruit. Find a list of apple orchards in Maine here!

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