I'm a 70's/80's kid, I can lean either way. Growing up in that era, we didn't have the distraction of cell phones or the internet. Parents sent kids outside, year round.

The one electronic reprieve was Saturday morning cartoons. If you missed it, you missed it. No DVR to catch it later. Let's just say...you didn't miss it. In between Captain caveman and The Super Friends we would get educated by Schoolhouse Rock.

That's right, Schoolhouse Rock...ROCKS! Looking back in time, I still remember almost every one of the Schoolhouse Rock songs. I can't say that about 90% of the actual school classes I have taken through out my life. Schoolhouse Rock taught me about everything from adverbs, thank you Lolly, to nouns, and math, my hero zero, even the political system, I knew what a bill was before I could even write.

There was just something special about Schoolhouse Rock, it will forever have a place in my heart. It was so instrumental to me that I have even subjected my children to it.

I'm pleased to say soon you will be able to as well. Disney+ is adding this classic to its lineup. Rejoice! Soon you will be able to get down to “Conjunction Junction” ...come'on you know it is already stuck in your head. Mark it down, June 19th, put it in your phone, make a note, put a sticky on the dog, because that’s when the Disney streaming service is starting to stream season one of Schoolhouse Rock. I for one can't wait.

What was you're favorite Schoolhouse Rock song?

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