Many people nowadays are bilingual. It's often for personal reasons like that's the language that their spouse and or spouse's family speak, or they need to know multiple languages for work purposes. I can barely speak English without saying the wrong thing, so being bilingual has never been something I saw myself achieving.

I mean, I guess as far as my kids are concerned, I technically already do speak another language. My husband and I have been together almost half our lives, and because of that, we can talk about things without our kids figuring it out. It's so much like another language our kids call it speaking in code.

But, aside from speaking in code, I want to learn one of the more uncommonly used languages, like Dutch or Gaelic. Now, why would I want to learn an uncommon language?  Well, so that way, when I'm in public, my husband and I can talk about things I wouldn't want the rest of the world to hear or understanding. Duh!

How many languages can you speak? Please send me a message through our APP. I'd love to know.


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