The website has complied a list of 'The 17 Coolest Towns In America'. The "coolness" of a town varies by opinion, but for us, these American small and mid-size cities have a lot going for them. Whether they boast historic downtowns, innovative local economies, stunning natural landscapes or awesome cultural diversity, these places feature some of the coolest residents in some of the best areas of the country.

Mount Desert Island, Maine is one of the seventeen towns on their list! Here's what they had to say about Mount Desert Island, ' The residents of Mount Desert Island are the type of free spirits that you associate with the great state of Maine. There are restaurants, rock climbing locations and lots of boating. The city hosts Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, too. Areas like Gorham Mountain, Thunderhole, Shore and Sand Beach and the Precipice Trail are all reasons MDI is an amazing place to call home.'

To see their entire list, click here.

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