As Mainers, if you are vaccinated, you can cross the border from Maine into Canada. Unfortunately, for Canadians, the reverse is not true. Not yet anyway.

Canada opened the border with the U.S. last month, and now Senator Angus King is hoping to change that. In a report by, this week the U.S. Senator made a plea to President Biden to open the U.S. side of the border to allow the traffic from Canada to flow once again for vaccinated individuals.

Why just the issue with road travel from Canada to the U.S.? Canadians can already fly into the U.S. but not drive in. For people that live and work along the border this has been a huge issue.

What use to be a simple trip across the border now can cause Canadians to fly to larger hubs like Boston, then rent a car and drive up to Maine. What use to take minutes, can now eat up the better part of an entire day.

No word as of yet from the Biden administration on if they will even consider the measure but there is hope by many, businesses, families, and tourist alike that this request from Maine's U.S. Senator will prompt action soon.

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