While getting ready for the B98.5 'Tanks'giving Food Drive, we all have to make sure we are bundled up! You need to be dressed nice and warm for the cold morning hours when standing in front of the groceries stores.

I dug out my purple Columbia jacket, my hat, gloves and winter boots. I also found the hand warmers I can stick in my boots to keep my feet warm!

But what I DIDN'T expect to find what THIS!

I reached in the inner pocket of my jacket and found $5!!!! SCORE!!! I couldn't believe it! It's like finding $20 in the dryer!

But that wasn't all!

I found a Dunkin Donuts card in the pocket as well! I wondered if there was any money left over on it and decided to check it on my Dunkin Donuts App.

And there was!



If you don't have the Dunkin Donuts App on your phone, you're missing out! Not only can you track how much is on your card but you can also get special coupons where you can get food and drinks for FREE!

In fact, TODAY, if you have the Dunkin App, you get a FREE MEDIUM  HOT or ICED COFFEE! Thanks to the Boston Red Sox, Dunkin is celebrating their World Series win, too! Get the App today!