You know sometimes when you hear of a SHORTCUT, you THINK you remember how it goes. But if you get ONE thing wrong, it can lead to disaster?

That's what happened to me Friday. And, boy, did it get me lost. Real lost.

We have 5 members of my band, Sharon Buck & Dixon Road. On Friday night we were headed to Moose Alley in Rangeley for a gig. We had been there a few times before. The last time I was there Chad showed me a shortcut to avoid all of the in town traffic of Farmington. I thought I remembered where he went.

Um, no.

I met Ed Nevins, our bass player, at the Rite Aid parking lot so we could carpool together. While at the stoplight, I said "I know a shortcut! Chad showed me!" He said if I was SURE we would take it.

I was sure!

I was surely WRONG!

Luckily, Ed had a GPS in his truck because we the right, which was correct. Then, we took a left...which was wrong. Way wrong. We wound up on some dirt road that lead to a small stream and a rickety old bridge. When we looked ahead and found that there was no electricity around and the GPS was showing we weren't even on a road...well, that's when we decided to turn around.

We traveled for 30 minutes the entire time trying to get back on track. Luckily we weren't late for our gig. It was an adventure. I will have to look on the map for the shortcut next time. Until I know EXACTLY how to go, I'll take the usual route!